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Mental Exercises for Seniors South Miami

Help your seniors make the best of their golden years. Call us at 786-224-5304

SENIOR CENTER ADULT DAY CARE CORP. offers a wide array of adapted mental exercises for your elderly loved ones in South Miami. Call us today.

Stimulating Your Elder’s Brain

At SENIOR CENTER ADULT DAY CARE CORP., we have planned our activity program to ensure the well-being of every senior. And in addition to physical classes, we also feature a complete spectrum of mental exercises to help your seniors maintain a sharp mind.

Through our specially organized on-site activities, we ensure that all of our lovely seniors can pursue their interests and spend their days feeling joyful and continually stimulating their brains. Want to learn more? Call us today for more details on our activity calendar.

Exercises for a sharp mind


Mental Exercises for Seniors South Miami
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Various Exciting Activities

At SENIOR CENTER ADULT DAY CARE CORP., our seniors can enjoy our community's serene atmosphere by participating in the various activities we offer.

Here, our senior guests can mingle with their friends while stimulating their minds in various group games such as dominoes, cards or bingo, birthday celebrations, puzzles, etc. Do they want to engage in new adventures? Great! We also offer safe, offsite trips to museums and zoos. Contact us now – we also provide crafts, nutrition, and transportation!

Engaging in new adventures


Mental Exercises for Seniors Miami

Looking for somewhere that will treat your seniors like family?

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